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In 'Masterpeace', an artist's personal exploration intertwines with Socratic dialogues between the artist, AI, a Poet, and Karma to illuminate an awakening to a philosophy of materialization, collective consciousness, and the essential role of artists in hacking the existing program and creating a new one.

Against the backdrop of a rural haven nestled within a serene forest, the artist recognizes the limitations of the current art world, instead drawing wisdom from the natural world, plants, and the mysterious messages delivered by their feline companion. Spiritual ceremonies provide the catalyst for profound self-discovery, and an embracing of more ephemeral and sustainable land art.


'Masterpeace' is a mirror inviting readers to explore their own state of consciousness. Each chapter corresponds to a letter that when sewn together form the book's title. The chapters—'Materialization,' 'Acceptance,' 'Solitude,' 'Transcendence,' 'Empowerment,' 'Resilience,' 'Patience,' 'Expression,' 'Awakening,' 'Connection,' and 'Enlightenment'—guide readers toward a deeper connection with themselves and the universe.


This artistic odyssey challenges and encourages readers to awaken to their full potential, unraveling the illusions that obscure the true Masterpeace within. The author's compelling, humorous, and poignant narrative prompts readers to take a leap of faith and savor the richness of the soul.


This book will inspire, uplift, and awaken the master within you. 'Masterpeace' invites you to savor the profound and explore the world's hidden secrets from an entirely new perspective.

Agata Oleksiak, a versatile creator, embraces the profound wisdom of a living, sacred intelligence that utilizes the body to materialize content. Their storytelling transcends boundaries, captivating readers with narratives that provoke thought and inspire change. Through their craft, Agata has emerged as a voice for activism, challenging societal norms and advocating for inclusivity and equality. Their work has earned international recognition, with exhibitions in both public and private spaces around Gaia. Olek’s creative odyssey is a testament to their resilience, talent, and commitment to making a profound impact in the universe. They perceive their creations as visual boards for the universe to materialize existence for all, urging readers to awaken and experience the one soul.


Photo by Aleksandra Bębenek


Rachel Cohen is an editor, performer, choreographer, and director of movement-theater company Racoco Productions. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Performance as Communication, a self-designed major; she studied dance and choreography with Claire Mallardi. Racoco fuses raw materials, absurdist visuals, and quixotic choreography, often in collaboration with visual artists and composers. Ms. Cohen and the company have performed and taught worldwide. Ms. Cohen is also a certified Action Theater improvisation teacher. Her editorial resume includes the book “Anti-biography” by Andreas Troeger, economics research, and various artists’ projects.


Photo by Shige Moriya

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Olek is the master of three-dimensional color and texture in contemporary art – they will crochet a riot of color around a Wall-Street bull or an inconstant lover, in less time than it takes you to cycle from Brooklyn to Manhattan. In this far-ranging and poetic book, a condensation of their philosophy of life, they travel to Poland, observe carefully the nocturnal habits of a cat that does what cats were born to do. Olek trades jokes with a large language model, and details lovingly the ways of stinging nettles, which can be made to yield a thread from which they craft a cloth, a  story, and a way of life. A masterpeace indeed.

Roald Hoffmann, chemist and writer


I'm always searching for new and thrilling connections. Let's link up and weave this illusion together.

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