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Embracing the Transition: From the Gentle Rabbit to the Fiery Dragon

In the silent whispers of nature, every element speaks to us, should we choose to listen. Animals, in their mystical essence, have always been messengers in my daily dialogues with the divine cosmos. Recently, the delicate tracks of a rabbit have woven a tale in the snow, speaking to me of transitions –
of what departs to create space for the new.

As artists, we find ourselves undergoing a metamorphosis, mirroring the art of weaving. It all starts with a seed from which a plant grows, eventually transforming into a healthy source of future fibers—the very essence of weaving.
We thread our way from the introspective Year of the Rabbit into the vibrant embrace of the Year of the Dragon. In the Year of the Rabbit, I found solace and inspiration in crafting organic threads from CBD and nettle, mirroring how many of us have nurtured our artistic endeavors with tender care. Seeds of plants, trees, and words were sown, and the nurturing spirit of the gentle rabbit tended to these seeds. This spirit has culminated in the weaving of 90,000 words of my upcoming book—a testament to the growth that this period has fostered.

Now, I find myself ready to offer sustenance to the insatiable hunger of the dragon. It is time for the awakening of the fruits of our labor.
Our creative energies, like hues on a palette, evolve from soft pastels to bold, fiery tones. The Year of the Rabbit was an invitation to delicately crochet our artistic narratives, weaving intricate patterns of imagination. We explored the nuances of our craft, threading together inspiration's organic fibers.
As we transition into the Year of the Dragon, the canvas of our creativity is set ablaze.

The New Moon on February 9th casts a celestial canvas upon which our deepest intentions are whispered. This moment, aligned with the dawn of the Dragon's year, invites us to affirm bold dreams and manifest them into creative, ambitious realizations. It's a potent reminder of the Dragon's strength, luck, and dynamic power, magnified by the renewing energy of the New Moon—a time for new beginnings, introspection, and setting intentions for the transformative year ahead.
We must embrace fearlessness, allowing our imaginations to soar with the audacity of aerial acrobats. In this artistic existence, we are the riders of change's winds, intertwining threads from our past and present, painting our masterpeaces with the wild, untamed spirit of the Dragon. The past year may have felt like a loop of mastering your craft. Now, under the New Moon's quiet gaze and as we step into this vibrant new creative phase, what bold and daring visions are you ready to release onto the canvas of your imagination?

P.S. Maybe all of this is just made up. Everything is a concept we've created, and it's up to us to believe it or not. There's a New Year, new moons, and full moons happening all the time. Really, any time you circle the sun, it's a new year. Each day we wake up, we're given a fresh start. Every breath is a chance to begin again. So, craft your life in your own special way, realizing you might just be the one in charge of this whole game.

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