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Masterpeace Unbound: From Creation to Collection

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

My book is nearing completion, yet I question whether it's truly 'my' book. These words seem to flow from a higher consciousness, guiding my hands, sometimes onto paper, sometimes onto a keyboard. As I craft the short description, multiple versions emerge, each one reshaping the book in novel directions.
In 'Masterpeace,' Agata, whose name signifies 'good,' and Olek, the ‘protector of people’, embark on a transformative quest to uncover the world's ultimate truth.
It's worth noting that these definitions are derived from Greek etymology, not my own invention. This is where I come to realize that everything shapes us, even our names. Am I the creator of art, or does art continually shape and reshape me, so that art can persist? Here, 'art' encompasses the creation of the artist, representing our very existence.
Each chapter corresponds to a letter that, when combined, forms the book's title, offering a unique perspective on the intricate web of meaning in life. Olek's remarkable journey unfolds against the backdrop of a rural haven nestled within a serene forest. Here, land art and spiritual ceremonies provide the catalyst for profound self-discovery.
The story takes a momentous turn when Olek realizes that everything is a manifestation of the collective consciousness, including the world's most daunting challenges, such as wars, diseases, and pandemics. With this newfound understanding, Olek unlocks their full potential, drawing wisdom from the natural world, plants, and the mysterious messages delivered by their feline companion.
Just as in Olek's art, 'Masterpeace' serves as a reflective mirror, inviting readers to explore their own state of consciousness. The chapters, bearing titles such as 'Manifestation,' 'Acceptance,' 'Solitude,' 'Transcendence,' 'Empowerment,' 'Resilience,' 'Patience,' 'Expression,' 'Awakening,' 'Connection,' and 'Enlightenment,' guide readers toward a deeper connection with themselves. This artistic odyssey challenges and encourages you to awaken to your full potential, unraveling the illusions that obscure the true masterpiece within. The author's compelling narrative prompts readers to take a leap of faith and savor the rich essence of their souls.
This is a book that will inspire, uplift, and awaken the master within you. 'Masterpeace' invites you to savor the profound and explore the world's hidden secrets from an entirely new perspective.

Upon revisiting it, there's a sensation of nausea, a sentiment often associated with many writers. However, rather than nausea, I sense love and enlightenment. In every word, I feel the divine presence, a balance, and hope; I sense the world we are on the verge of co-creating. While visual language has been my primary means of communicating with the world, I now find myself dancing within the realm of words.

Meanwhile, as I apply the final strokes to my words, observing their sounds and colors painting the universe – it feels akin to witnessing the passionate embrace between Mother Nature and the Creator. I'm finally receiving my entire crocheted installation, which is, in essence, an entire house, back from a museum.

This work has evolved into an illustration of my creative process. Recently, it played a significant role in my presentations as a visiting artist at two of my favorite places: the Parsons School of Design in NYC and the Jan Matejko Art Academy in Krakow. 'Masterpeace' serves as the central theme, inviting students to explore a new dimension where their understanding of art becomes a reality for all.

The crocheted house had been apart from me since early 2016. As I open the boxes, I am transported back to each place, to every moment when the sculpture was created. Those who have experienced my work in person recall the energy that emanates from every stitch. Each material, each object, was crafted in different geographical locations. It's no wonder I'm sometimes called a 'spider,' weaving our existence into one. Ribbons from India dance alongside materials from Hong Kong, coming together with fibers from Slavic lands. There's a touch of Brazil with its vibrant vibes.

It's a profoundly joyful moment to be surrounded by all the memories that embraced every stitch and to be transported back to each item and its rich history, from the places where I created it to the various exhibitions it was a part of. The work evolved over time, shifting its meaning.

Now, like a cherished child within me, I am playing with my work as if they were new materials, arranging them into fresh sculptures.

I've made some new arrangements, and if they resonate with you, they may find a loving home under your roof.

When you acquire this work, remember that you are welcoming a part of history into your arms. Now, let me introduce some of the pieces and the exhibitions behind them. Pictures will convey more than my words ever could. Enjoy the visual feast.

There are unique instances, such as acquiring frames from an old market in Seville for an exhibition, which were later dismantled and moved to the next destination. ​​Antonio Banderas acquired one of the sculptures, yet if only he knew its journey. The bust I acquired in Brooklyn, crafted by the sculptor behind the pigeons. Initially, it graced the table at the Brooklyn Museum, then it traveled with me to London. However, it encountered a peculiar situation at the airport when security, in their search for something mysterious within the plaster sculpture, tore some crochet and created a small hole to peer inside. I spent considerable time dressing and undressing the bust for different events. In London, it adorned an animal mask, subtly camouflaging amid the opulent interior of Lancaster House, where royal and esteemed guests, also masked, gathered. Later, in Seville, it underwent a complete makeover, adopting its present skin and intricate details, seamlessly merging with the vibrant matador ambiance. Finally, it traveled to another gallery, eventually finding its place in the collection of a discerning collector. It seems Antonio was captivated by the matador vibes and chose to house it in his own place.

Among the hundreds of smaller sculptures within this installation, recalling the first or the last becomes a blurred notion. Time, often elusive, merges into the intoxicating essence of my creative endeavors.

This journey, which I refer to as one sculpture, commenced its vibrant life around 2010. It began its transformative path partly from the 'Knitting is for Puss****' exhibition at the Christopher Henry Gallery in NYC. Travelling through an exhibition at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., and making a stopover at a Miami fair, each step added layers of experience and memory to its fabric.

Then they met at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC, visited Tony's Gallery in London, and Delimbo in Seville. Some pieces have also been acquired by museums for their permanent collections. A number of sculptures were crafted during a creative residency at the upscale shopping mall, Elements, in Hong Kong and were notably showcased in 'Reality: What a Concept!' held at Soho Grand Hotel.

There was also the Artist's Ball at the Brooklyn Museum – actually, a couple of these remarkable visual feasts. The Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam also hosted some of the work, and a few pieces were featured at the Animal Ball held in Lancaster House in London in the presence of royalty. Finally, all these pieces came together for an exhibition at the Avesta Art Museum in Sweden, where they enjoyed each other's presence for years. And there's more to the story, such as guerrilla performances across NYC with some of the items, events in different venues, and extensive travels that exceed one's imagination.

Now, as I delve deep into land art and produce my own fiber, I aim to create work that leaves no footprint behind. But before we get to that, savor the beauty, grace, and love that emanate from these artworks.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested.

Oh, and there's one more sculpture... A stunning kinetic garden of wonders, enclosed in the shape of a carousel. Seriously, I do have a carousel that's in need of a loving home, and if you happen to have a tiny (hehe) corner available in your house for this beauty, and a few pennies to spare, please let us know. She's more than ready to spin in your direction.

Why I am selling these works:

On one hand, I'm in no rush to sell the work as I currently have plenty of space.

At times, I believe the primary purpose for a piece to find its new home is to be protected and preserved. That's from the work's point of view. Art has the power to transform environments. Handcrafted art holds an even greater influence with each loop being meticulously made by hand. Personally, I find solace in sleeping within my crocheted installations; it's akin to sleeping inside a cocoon of love. I'm aware that this essence of love is carried within every piece. Happy collecting!

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