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The Alchemy of Art: Shaping Humanity's Destiny

Writing my book 'Masterpeace' guided me to uncover this insight: there are two forces at play, but they are not as separate as they seem. One is working to tear down humanity, while the other strives to save it. Ironically, our efforts to save humanity might unintentionally fuel the very conflict we're trying to resolve. History shows us that civilizations fall because of greed, and thinking we can single-handedly save humanity might be a form of greed too. But then, is it wrong to let our civilization fall? History has taught us that from the ruins, something new and hopeful always rises. Destruction is an intrinsic part of creation. The question arises: do we need physical destruction, or is it possible to ascend into a new era through the destruction of our old ways of thinking? Consciousness is constantly evolving, suggesting that perhaps our transformation lies not in the rubble of our past, but in the evolution of our collective mindset.
Artists, you see, are the alchemists of destruction and renewal. And when I say artists, I am including all of you – writers, composers, visual maestros. We all bear responsibility. How often have you remarked that something looks like a movie scene, or that a news event unfolds exactly as it was written in a book? It's as if these writers, these creators, had already penned down our reality.
We are the silent orchestrators; the world merely executes our vision. I also believe in the existence of multiple dimensions. When our time in this current reality ends, some of us will move on to these new dimensions, while others might return back to continue. Our mission here is to learn to love truly and deeply, as that love will guide us to our next journey. Some of us already live in different dimensions, seamlessly moving back and forth. The process is indeed a process. One day you sit beside the Creator, and another day, you shed a river of tears in this earthly experience.
As I reflect on this, I realize there's a lot of work to do, especially within myself. My thoughts aren't always perfect; sometimes, they're far from it. I find myself thinking and feeling things that don't align with my higher self, things I wouldn't want others to know. But it's these thoughts and feelings that shape the world around us. So, every day, I'm transforming my inner world: turning anger into love, fear into courage, sadness into joy, and chaos into harmony. This transformation is the heart of 'Masterpeace.'


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