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OnlyFans is delighted to present a curated selection of some of the most iconic works by contemporary artist Olek. Best known for their provocative photography that relates to the themes of consumerism, violence, and fantasy, their images play with the notions of the gaze, power structures, hyperrealism, and cinematography.

Olek actively challenges in their practice the modern concepts of what constitutes portrait photography by addressing its structure in a shifting landscape of identities and meanings in our contemporary world. Their vision is to capture a new type of life through exploring the fictional nature of both the historical and the classic.


i am your mirror”, curated by Leah Schrager

Feb 23rd - April 5th 2021

This body of work was created during a residency in Instituto Sacatar, Bahia, Brasil.


About Leah Schrager 


Leah Schrager is a digital artist and online performer. She is the model, photographer, artist, and marketer in/of her images. Her visual works apply a painterly aesthetic to bodily forms and often draw their material from her conceptual online practice. Her online performances are @OnaArtist (Instagram 3m) and Sarah White (The Naked Therapist). With these performances, Schrager explores themes of sexuality, representation, and distribution. Her practice is situated in a contemporary hotbed of female (in)appropriateness, arousal, celebrity, fandom, and commercialism that seeks to explore female biography and labor in today’s global society. 


About Olek

Olek is a two-spirit person; a child of the witches they did not burn; a failed art critic and a self-taught artist. All art is a self-portrait. Fear is a cockblocker of dreams. What is coming is better than what is gone. Art is to the spirit what food is to the body and what sex is to the species. Art is what keeps spirit alive. They crochet moments so they will last forever.

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