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Thank you for visiting this page. If you're here, it means you're seeking connection. Allow me to share some updates with you on my artistic odyssey. As the creator and artist shaman, I weave the fabric of reality through my craft. My work serves as a form of medicine, offering portals to higher understanding through intricate crochet and woven patterns. Embarking on a quest for personal truth, my art transforms into a meditative practice and a means of activism, challenging societal norms and broadening perspectives. Join me on this spiritual journey, where I invite you to explore the transcendent potential within yourselves, guiding towards a deeper connection with the essence of our collective reality.

Below, you'll discover my broad spectrum of interests in my current work, which I hope to continue exploring within your neighborhood. Community-based, time-based work and public performances have been my practice since my hands first touched the hook. Now, I'm delving even deeper into exploration, incorporating land art, cultivating my own fiber, working with local plants, and crafting reality within virtual reality.

olek in green field.jpg


My studio, a hub for innovative creation, redefines art beyond traditional confines, advocating for a shift towards experiences that resonate more deeply. I'm initiating something new, planting the seeds for future artworks: land art graffiti that nourishes not only the soul but also the stomach. Each plant serves a dual purpose, benefiting both the land and its inhabitants. Read more here.


I propose a community effort to not only plant CBD Queen but also work towards creating fiber from this beautiful plant. This process has existed in every corner of the world, from seed to plant to fiber.

Nettle Wisdom

IMG_2018 2.jpg

Breaking the Mold

For more VR performative actions, I invite you to visit my VR and Digiterra pages.

Leave me a message and we'll get back to you.

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